Product Description and Characteristics 

The Protected Designation of Origin “Robiola di Roccaverano” refers to a soft-ripened cheese produced from 100% raw whole goat’s milk or with the addition of raw whole cow’s and/or ewe’s milk in a variable ratio. Fresh or ripened, it has a white and soft structure, slightly more compact as maturing progresses; aromas and tastes vary from delicate to strong. Robiola has the following characteristics:

The different types of Robiola di Roccaverano PDO vary according to the degree of ripening it undergoes:




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Culinary Values

To store Robiola di Roccaverano PDO in the fridge, it is better if you do not use plastic or glass. Place the cheese on a serving plate made of porcelain or ceramic and cover it with a cup or bowl of the same material; the porosity of porcelain or ceramic allows cheese to “breathe”.

In some areas, the cheese wheels are still preserved in oil, as in the past. It is an excellent table cheese, both fresh and ripened, to be seasoned with oil and a little chilli pepper. It can also be used as a valuable ingredient to prepare fillings for cooking typical dishes, pasta recipes and pies.

Recommended wines: The delicacy of fresh Robiola di Roccaverano requires a white wine with a mature and deep character; on the other hand, for ripened Robiola, big red wines, late harvests and straw wines are well suited. Try also the interesting pairing with beers and vermouth.

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